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Sofa sets -Buy Sofa Sets Online at Best Prices In Hyderabad.

A good sofa set can set the theme of the room and shine more than other elements in the living room such as centre tables, stools, shoe racks, and console tables. A good sofa set does not just elevate the look of the room but also offers comfort. Apart from offering complete relaxation, it also helps you bond with your loved ones during an evening tea or while watching television together. Since a sofa set is the primary seating arrangement in any room it is placed in, it is very important that you choose the one that offers an amazing blend of ample space and class.


Factors to consider before buying a sofa set

Choosing the right sofa set requires you to consider a number of factors. One of the most important factors when it comes to this piece of furniture irrespective of whether they are basic models or designer sofa sets is the seating capacity. We, at Livekarts, offer sofa sets with single seating capacity to sofa sets with a seating capacity of over five people. Another important factor is the price of the sofa set and we have something to suit every budget preference. Our range of sofa sets start from INR 15,499 and can go up to INR 25,000. You must be rest assured that even the sofa sets at a low price are also of amazing quality. You can opt to buy these sofas as single seaters, in sets, or mix and match according to your preference and needs. The material of the sofa set is also another important factor. Choose from a wide range of fabrics as the primary material for your sofa sets. While the majority of them are in fabric and leatherette, you can opt for other materials like pine wood, rubberwood, beech wood, and teak wood among the others.

Offering a sea of options in sofa sets

When you choose to shop from Livekarts, you will not be disappointed as there are a number of options available with all relevant details. Right from basic ones to designer sofa sets with price and every other detail is available on our website. Whether you are looking at space saving options or money saving ones, we have got you sorted. If you are looking for something conventional, you can opt for one of the several online sofa set options available in the classic and traditional sofa set categories. If you are living alone as a bachelor, the Hugo Three Seater Sofa will add all the charm to your bachelor pad. It is available in three colors and with a warranty of 11 months. You can even explore other sofas in low price range. If you are looking to make the best use of space in your living rooms, one of our L-shaped sofa sets can be an ideal choice. The retro and mid-century range of sofa sets can help set a theme for the room. You can even combine two products to make a set such as the Three Seater and single seater sofa can be bought as a set for your office or home. For an eclectic look, you can go for the multicolored Three Seater Sofa, which adds a dollop of style to any room.If you are keen on designer sofa sets, then our range of stylish sofa sets, which have been which has been carefully curated by our experts is sure to impress you. If you are worried about missing any details when shopping for sofa sets online, you can be assured that we provide you with all the details – right from the material to the built to care instructions. You can check out these details even calling us on our help line, offers superior augmented reality features to help you shop even on smaller screens and contains all information and not just the price of sofa sets.

Livekarts The ultimate shopping destination

We, at Livekarts, understand that home shopping is an important task and an overwhelming one at times. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we make it a delightful process for you. The Know Your Style quiz is one of the efforts in this direction if you are unsure about your style. Just answer some simple questions to get an idea about your tastes and preferences. Along with sofa sets online, we have a wide range of furniture products, which include plastic chairs, folding chairs, among others. Our 17 fulfillment hubs and 34 experience centers across Hyderabad have been set up with the aim to help you choose the right home products.


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